A transnational network of intelligence-based strategy consultants,

Critical Publics comprehensively implements agenda assurance solutions

Οur mission

To help our clients

  • calculate risks
  • navigate complexity
  • realise their agenda
Οur vision

To be globally recognised as a catalytic strategic partner

  • in times of crisis
  • during disputes
  • in conflict environments
Οur people

A multinational team of intelligence analysts, crisis managers, public affairs specialists, communications strategists, regulatory and legal affairs advisors housed in our HQ offices in London and satellite offices in conflict cycle environments.

The core team is in a seamless collaborative mode with an extended global embedded pool of domain experts, intelligence community professionals, investigative journalists, academic and thought experts


The Critical Publics team is in a seamless collaborative mode with an extended live associate network of journalists, academics, and thought experts internationally.

Our modus operandi
1Strictest confidentiality & discretion
2Total non-competition commitment & integrity
3Consistent source diligence & information accuracy
4Time-sensitive flexibility & adjustment
5Seamless agenda supporting activity
6Full adherence to global compliance regulations and client codes of conduct
Without the correct intelligence,
no agenda may be fully